What is SFC?


Enabling Young People to Thrive!

What is Strengths-Focused Coaching (SFC)?

For the last 12 years, Strengths-Focused Coaching has been enjoyed by many young people within settings such as secondary school, home and college.

SFC is:

  • proven to support the mental health of our young people.
  • purposeful activities that enable the achievement of a goal, whilst discovering, activating and utilising strengths.
  • an effective tool for improving mental resilience, understanding of self, increasing self-esteem, positive identity and enabling a young person to thrive.
  • facilitated by a positive, open relationship between a young person and a trained key adult, or ‘coach’.
  • Successfully adapted into Emotional Resilience Workshops: The Thrive Workshops for young people. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Consistently 100% of the young people who have received SFC, would recommend to a friend.

100% enjoy higher self-esteem and improved emotional management, which positively impacts them academically and socially.

I really liked all the activities and the way they linked up. My home life is a lot better and school. Thank you for helping me to change my life. (Maisie, 16)

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SFC is effective because:

  1. The young person owns the process.  They feel in control. They take responsibility for improvement, yet they feel safe and fully supported.
  2. The coach is trained in key skills that enable engagement, trust and achievement.
  3. It is an exciting learning process.
  4. The young person achieves increased self-esteem which enables them to become the best they can be.
  5. It’s fun!

How Do Schools and Other Settings Benefit from SFC Training?

You benefit from having:

  • key adults or coaches who feel confident and skilled in supporting young people
  • young people who are enjoying mental resilience, increased confidence and who are thriving.

Commitment to Students and Staff:

  • Having a core group of SFC coaches within your setting is a positive commitment to the mental health and academic achievement of your pupils
  • SFC enhances the professional development of your staff, who have a toolkit of skills and effective activities that can be used repeatedly with your pupils.
  • SFC is productive use of 1-1 time between support staff and young people.

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