Testimonials from Young People




“I really liked all the activities and the way they linked up.  My home life is a lot better and school. Thank you for helping me to change my life.”    (‘Maisie’, 16)girl-2755611_1920

“Anxiety was affecting my everyday life, making it incredibly hard to get to classes. The activities helped me to get through that.” (Scott, 17)

“It has helped me realise the strengths and values of myself. Helped me to control my anxiety and anger. It also helped me to stay and succeed at college. And enjoy things more!” (Tom, 18).

“I really liked doing the Strengths activity because it made me realise I’m not all bad and I started to think of myself in a completely different way.” (‘Callie’ 15)

“When I go into the classroom, the teachers’ faces don’t fall any more. They don’t think ‘oh no it’s Lewis’.  They seem happier I’m there and they’re not telling me off all the time.” (‘Lewis’ 15)happy-620371_1920


“I’ve achieved the removal of the wall: the boundary that was hindering my ability to be confident.” (‘Amir’ 17)

“The Workshop helped me to understand and not be so scared of anxiety.  I’m glad I can manage it better now – my friends can see the difference too!” (‘Emma’ 17)

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