Testimonials from Professionals

“I truly believe what makes this programme unique is the fact it is so creative, underpinned by current research and theory, delivered by a true professional who has great healing power to truly listen. If you spend 30 minutes with her, you will see what I mean. Her infectious energy, drive and enthusiasm to support others is palpable.”
(Oscar Myint, Psychotherapist, B.Sc Hons MBACP)


“Colette worked with a young man who was very angry. He was not able to process strong emotions other than by hitting things, which became more evident when he ended up in a fight with another student and was temporarily suspended.
As he undertook the Change Your Mind programme, the young man was able to better understand himself and why he acted the way that he did. Over time he was able to remain calmer for longer, and there have been no repeats of his fight with another student. He is now supporting others with their emotions, and whilst he still has struggles with his own emotions, he is more reflective now on how he can act differently to have a more positive result.” (Rhiannon Lovell, Student Advisor)


“The change of self-worth and positive outlook for our students has been amazing to see and watch them handle any situation in a confident manner. They no longer see themselves in such a dark light, they feel they can do it and they will do it.

Colette has always kept us informed, put various strategies in place, which we could follow through with between her weekly sessions with a student. This allowed us to work as a team and guarantee success.

Colette has a natural talent and many years of experience in being able to tap into a student’s emotional state and help them see the positives within themselves and help them ‘Change their Mind’.

Colette has brought about a positive change in many students, which will help them deal with many difficult situations in a positive manner.”

(Caroline Davies, LSA)


“Over my years teaching in Further Education I have noticed a marked improvement in students behaviour, confidence and emotional awareness once they had taken part in the Change Your Mind (CYM) Programme with Colette Norbury. One particular example comes to mind where a student on one of my courses became physically and verbally aggressive with another student. After taking part in the Change Your Mind Programme, the student apologised to the class (without prompting), made good with the other student and became a positive role model for the group. This student went on to achieve well on the course and became a well-liked and confident young person before leaving college. I believe the CYM Programme (CYMP) positively affected his future, the students learning experiences around him and of course the members of staff he came into contact with.

I am convinced that the CYMP made all the difference in this case and many others.”
(Jamie Green – Teacher)


Feedback on Workshops for adults:

“I really enjoyed Colette’s Thrive workshop on anxiety. Even though the topic can be challenging, Colette’s approachable, unflappable manner, her openness and her interactive presentation style meant that the session was very engaging and I found it easy follow and understand. I will definitely be using what I learned in my everyday life.
I look forward to attending more of Colette’s workshops.” (Cath Fraser, Oxfordshire County Council)


“I have worked with Colette over a number of years and have witnessed the positive impact she has on young people first hand. The students I referred to her were on the Autistic Spectrum. She worked sensitively with these young people and help them to develop the ’emotional toolkit’ they need to navigate through the difficulties they faced both at college and in their personal lives. Many of these students also had anger issues and Colette worked with them to develop lifelong strategies to better manage when they had ’emotional overloads.’
Colette adapts her approach to each and every young persons needs and has a wealth of experience which is why in my opinion her work is so successful. It’s a very unique approach and this is why the results are so positive.
I am confident that Colette certainly has equipped many of the students that she worked with to better manage once they left college and went out in to the world of work.”

Michelle Elkins, Lead Learning Adviser at SENSS


“I am privileged to have enjoyed a productive and rewarding professional connection with Colette for nearly two years. During this period I have enjoyed witnessing and discussing the successes and challenges of her programme working with students referred to her at Abingdon and Witney college. I have been deeply impressed by the way she has worked with such challenging students and the way she has helped them to change outcomes so that they can flourish in the future In addition, I have experienced the vicarious delight of her extremely readable blog about the kinds of students she has been able to assist there. Even as disguised individual stories, it is evident that her approach is both unique and exciting. She has achieved extraordinary results with some very demanding and questioning young people. They are often those who have either given up, or have been given up on, in our educational systems. Her capacity to engage with such young people and achieve remarkable results in difficult circumstances is a testament to the energy and creativity she has harnessed to devise the interventions that really work. More than counselling, more than advice, and more than teaching. Magical.”
Joy Barker MBACP [ Senior Accred]