SFC Training: 7 Steps to Success


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Enable Young People to Thrive!

Adults who support young people have an exciting opportunity to facilitate mental resilience and enable them to thrive.


  • ‘tighten up’ that 1-1 time with a young person
  • make it purposeful and structured
  • allow them to take ownership and enjoy the process

Many young people (along with the rest of us!) are aware that there is something about them that they would like to improve…..

“I wish I was more confident”      “I’m no good at anything”

“I get angry too much”          “I wish I didn’t get so anxious”

“I’m always in trouble”       “I’m too shy to talk to people”

SFC discovers and activates a young person’s strengths to provide the confidence and the toolkit to do this – facilitated by a positive, purposeful relationship with a trained adult they trust.

Crucially, SFC provides the adult with the confidence and skills to support them, as well as an effective toolkit of re-usable, enjoyable activities.

The SFC Programme’s tried and tested ‘toolkit’ is an exciting range of approaches and activities, flexing around the individual’s needs and learning styles.

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SFC Training For Adults Who Support Our Young People: 7 steps to Success

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SFC Training for adults:

  • Learn 4 key skills that build engagement, trust and an open relationship between young person and adult
  • 7 activities that enable a young person to take ownership of change; discover, activate and utilise their strengths; build mental resilience; achieve a better version of themselves and thus thrive!

How long is the training?

1.5 days

Cost for Settings (e.g. schools, colleges)?

£990 for 1.5 days, for a group of adults. This includes the 7 activities to take away and use in your setting.

Costs for Individuals?

£190 per individual for 1.5 days.

Click here to discover a half-day training of: SFC Bitesize  

I’m not a teacher or a ‘therapist’.  Will I be suitable for this training?

Yes.  If you enjoy supporting young people, then this training is for you.  The joy of being a SFC Coach is that it is an open, relaxed relationship with a young person. You are under no pressure to ‘teach’ or to ‘counsel’ or to provide any kind of ‘therapy’.  You learn 4 key skills and experience the activities within the training.

You are also free to contact me after the training, should you have any questions.


“Having attended Colette’s SFC training, I feel inspired to try the activities. I found Colette’s approach to be warm and engaging and her interactive presentation style kept the day very interesting – the time flew by!”  (Cath – Education Support Worker)

“I’d had a few 1-1 sessions with a student, aiming to improve her confidence and her negative identity, but we weren’t really getting anywhere: she was finding it hard and we kept getting stuck.  Then I tried the SFC ‘My World’ and ‘What Matters’ activities.  It worked a treat and she seemed much happier. A positive seed has been sown. Thanks very much, Colette.” (Mel – Student Adviser)

Any questions about the training?  Please do contact me: Contact

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A huge thank you to Johnny Latham for his support in this project and the inspiration for the name: ‘Strengths-Focused Coaching’.