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Teenagers: Troubles, Triumphs and the Secrets of Success

Meet Ned, Tia, Amir, Sammy, Abby, Nasir….all of whom have gained greater confidence, learned about their strengths, values, emotions and true identity and overcome barriers to success.

This writing is for anyone who supports or has an interest in young people: teachers, coaches, mentors, advisers, youth workers, parents carers or pastoral support.

Click here: Post 1: Walls and Toes. for an introduction. Click on any of the drop down ‘Post’ titles on the Blog Menu above to enjoy inspirational stories about young people who have achieved success and the secrets behind how they became better versions of themselves.  Each Post link is also provided below.

  • About 12 years ago, I created Strengths-Focused Coaching (SFC).  This is an activity-based Programme that enables young people to take responsibility for change, whilst learning, having fun and raising self confidence.
  • They are so appreciative, consistently giving positive feedback and recommending the Programme to friends, that I feel the time is right to share their stories and some of the ‘secrets’ of their success.
  • The posts do not cover every aspect of the process, but give a flavour of the SFC steps to success
  • All names have been changed
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  • Thank you to all who give feedback to this ‘work in progress’, either privately or using the ‘comments’ box at the bottom of each Post.

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Post 8. Identity: Three Little Words

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