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What I Bring

  • Honours degree in Education and English.
  • 27 years experience of working with young people: starting out as a Primary School Teacher and working my way up to teenagers!
  • Creator of Strengths-Focused Coaching and the YPXchange.
  • Experience as a Consultant and Project Coordinator for ‘Transitions in Schools’ – addressing the difficulties faced by young people and their parents/carers when they experience transition or change in secondary school.
  • Experienced Trainer and Coach
  • An enduring curiosity about the ever-changing difficulties facing young people and what they need to overcome these.
  • Creativity and a love of learning
  • Experience in using a range of models including: Transactional Analysis; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Emotional Intelligence; A.C.T; C.B.T and D.B.T- style tools.
  • Experience of supporting vulnerable families
  • Qualified Parent Group Facilitator
  • Qualified Learning Mentor

What I Do – Additional

  • Key note speaking to help adults to understand and support our young people
  • Create tools that enable young people to manage their emotions
  • Lead Behaviour Professional at Oxfordshire Further Education college
  • Continually researching, listening and learning….
  • Please feel free to contact me about anything on this page: Contact