Emotional Control = “Really Fun”!

Some young people worry that in order to receive support with the emotions that they find difficult (e.g. anxiety, anger, low confidence, self-negativity), they will ‘have to talk about stuff’ that they don’t wish to talk about and that it may not be an enjoyable process. Not so. This week, ‘Jasmine’ is testament to the fact that learning how to deal with emotions is fun, practical and empowering.

Whilst ‘talking therapies’ are proven to be extremely valuable for a large number of young people, a number of them prefer a different approach.

In her weekly SFC sessions, Jasmine has learnt about the neuro-science behind her emotions, the ideal ‘state’ in which to communicate with her peers (‘Parent’, ‘Adult’ or ‘Child’?), how to think more positively and thus act more appropriately. And, on completion of her sessions, she stated that the whole process was fun.  Actually – ‘really fun!’

So the campaign to enable our young people to thrive continues as another teenager succeeds at learning about how to deal with life. Proud!
#youngthrive #youngthriveworkshops

fun feedback poster

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