The YPXchange has arrived!

Sometimes the worlds of youth and adulthood can seem far apart and alien. The YPXchange aims to bring those worlds closer together and promote understanding.

YPX is for parents, carers, grandparents, young people, educators, advisors…anyone who supports or has a connection with young people.

What is the YPXchange?        

  •  A platform for sharing the words and success stories of young people.

What is the aim of YPX?

  • To promote understanding between adults and the young.
  • To exchange thoughts, feelings and to prompt conversations.
  • To reassure those who connect with young people.

In what ways are these shared?

  • Posters that use images of and quotes from young people.
  • The Blog: ‘Teenagers: Troubles, Triumphs and the Secrets of Success‘: inspirational stories of how young people have overcome barriers to success, built positive identities, developed emotional tools and learned how to thrive.

How can I contribute to the YPXchange?

The YPX is brand new and I am hoping that reactions from adults and young will help to guide its future and the type of support given alongside it.

Find YPXchange on Facebook and leave a comment or message.

The latest postings will also be posted on my Twitter page: ColetteNorbury

Or click here: Contact and leave a message there.

Your thoughts will be much valued.  Maybe you would like to provide ideas for future posters or content?

Click here to be taken to YPXchange and see the first posters: The YPXchange

Remember – it’s new and open to feedback on how it can be made better or extended

Let’s start the conversation……



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